Charlotte Water

​​​​​Service Line Protection from HomeServe

Charlotte Water has partnered with HomeServe USA to offer an optional solution to eliminate the high cost and stress of unexpected repairs to water and sewer lines.

Most customers do not know they are responsible for the water and sewer lines running to their homes. If these lines break, you could face large, unexpected home repair bills and waste time looking for a qualified plumber when you least expect it.

HomeServe offers protective services for these types of emergencies and will handle all aspects of the service line coverage including billing, customer service, and repair calls.  Learn more about optional protection plans for your home's exterior water and sewer service line by contacting HomeServe​ at 1-833-830-4973.

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​HomeServe is an independent company separate from Charlotte Water based in Norwalk, CT. They partner with many cities, municipalities, and utility companies to protect over 4 million households across the United States and Canada from the financial impact, and inconvenience of covered home emergencies. 

​We often receive calls from customers about water leaks that turn out to be on a private exterior water service line. This partnership not only helps raise awareness about service line responsibility, but it also provides an affordable option from a reputable company.​

​It is up to you. Some people choose to pay for unplanned expenses out-of-pocket, while others prefer protection plans and extended warranties to avoid large unplanned expenses. We encourage homeowners to consider their individual situation and decide if the service line protection plan is a good fit for them. ​