​​Charlotte Water Wagon

The Charlotte Water Wagon supplies high-quality, chilled water to outdoor and public events. 

Due to required maintenance and rehabilitation, the Water Wagon is currently unavailable for events. We apologize for the inconvenience and hope to have the Wagon back in operation Spring 2023. 

Requirements for Water Wagon event attendance:

  • The event must be in the Charlotte Water Service Area
  • There must be at least 750 attendees planned to attend the event
  • The event must be free and open to the public
  • Charlotte Water educational/promotional materials will be set up alongside the Water Wagon at each event. 
  • If the Water Wagon is parked on a paved surface, it must be able to support at least 20,000 lbs.
  • If the Water Wagon is parked on a grass surface, there must be proper notification and approval by the property manager/event coordinator
  • Water Wagon must be accessible to all attendees
  • The Water Wagon must be booked at least 30 days in advance
  • Charlotte Water needs at least 48 hours between events to refill and test
  • Charlotte Water will only do one Water Wagon event per week
Event hosts must agree to the following: 

  • The event space must be 15 feet wide by 20 feet deep. It must accommodate an F-250 truck and Water Wagon to pull through and park. The truck may be relocated after Water Wagon is secured for the event.
  • Event space with access for one or two 15 amp electrical outlets is strongly recommended.
  • In an emergency situation, Charlotte Water has the authority to cancel Water Wagon participation at an event. It will be up to Charlotte Water to determine if the Water Wagon can be rescheduled for a different date.
  • If the Water Wagon is emptied at an event, it cannot be refilled to serve more water.
  • The Water Wagon cannot be delivered the day prior to an event for security and water quality purposes.
  • The Water Wagon must be staffed by Charlotte Water employees at all times.
  • Only a licensed, Charlotte Water employee can move/pull the Water Wagon.