​Class A Biosolids Market Study​​​

Charlotte Water is exploring how agricultural, forestry, and related businesses in the region could benefit from new, highly treated biosolids-soil amendments called Class A biosolids. These products may supplement Charlotte Water’s existing Class B biosolids in the future.

The Charlotte Water biosolids management program closes a nutrient loop, by allowing wastewater solid byproducts to be treated and turned into a useful product instead of ending up in landfills.

Treated biosolids contain nitrogen, phosphorus, micronutrients and organic matter, each of which is critical for crop production. Recycling biosolids return nutrients and organic material to the soil. Farmers who use biosolids can reduce or eliminate the need to use chemical fertilizers.

Charlotte Water is now conducting a market study to evaluate new end uses for its biosolids and the capabilities required to produce Class A biosolid products.

​Staff Contacts

​Project Manager​
Irene Teshamulwa Okioga (Tesha), P.E.

Biosolids Program Manager
Jean Creech

Environmental Management Operations Chief
Jackie Jarrell

Project Consultant
CDM Smith
Jonathan Lapsley