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Request for Variance from Mandatory Water Restrictions

Rules and Instructions

Variances may be granted for a limited time to those users who would otherwise be affected by outdoor water use restrictions yet meet the requirements for a variance. In order to qualify for a variance, a customer user must apply via online or by fax, using the prescribed a form and supplying all the necessary information. If the variance is approved, the variance notification email must be displayed on site full stop in most cases approvals slash denials are sent automatically within 48 hours are and to see if applying online). Others may take seven business days for a response.

Please note: bubble, drip or hand irrigation applied to trees, gardens, WFE contain is and plant beds is not restricted nor is non – Charlotte water, water use.

What may qualify for a variance:

  • New landscape installation at a new construction site.
  • New landscape installation at an existing site if 75% of existing material is removed slash replaced.
  • Code requires soil erosion control landscaping.
  • Athletic fields and golf course fairways operators may submits an alternative water and plan to achieve conservation goals.
  • Those who have a smart irrigation control was installed.
  • Other, as noted in the description.

Variance descriptions:

Variance during the stage to:

Landscape irrigation is permitted on the day of the installation, while the install it is on site, and for 30 days more, doing the approve the hours and days and under special conditions for outdoor water use.

Variance during stage three:

Landscape irrigation is committed for new installations already completed and the 30 days prior to stage three restrictions. These landscapes will be granted 30 days from date of installation two water for no more than three days a week. No new landscape installations will be granted a variance.

Variance during stage four:

No installations will be eligible for a variance and all current variances will be voided immediately.

Location of Installation & Billing

Physical Address of the property where installation will occur along with billing information.

Variance Request Type Information

Please tell us a little more about your Variance Request.

Select a date from the calendar.

Attach Invoices As Needed: 

I Fully understand and accept the terms of the Charlotte Water variances during the stages of Drought One, Two, Three and Four and understand any violation of the conditions of the variance will result in cancellation of the variance and a possible surcharge added to the customer’s water bill.