New Taps

New Connections - Residential Services​​

​ Customers who desire water or sewer service(s) for single-family residential use must do the following:

  • Call 704-336-1000 and ask for "Customer Service". Based on your needs, the customer service representative will determine whether you can be served and if so, what options for service you have available.
  • Consult with a licensed plumber to determine relevant service size needs for your property.
  • Once service availability has been determined and costs have been calculated, the applicant will need to:
  1. Complete a Water/Sewer Service Application
  2. Complete a backflow questionnaire for all irrigation
  3. Come into Customer Service at 5100 Brookshire Boulevard to submit a check or money order for the applicable fees along with the completed application(s)

The installation schedule varies between projects, depending on factors such as what other infrastructure exists, whether there's public right-of-way (R/W), or what other government agencies will need to be involved. Please ask at the time of contacting Customer Service for an estimated time for completion based on your specific property.

Typically, most customers fall within the following categories regarding ways to be serviced by Charlotte Water (under all circumstances, the feasibility of the project will need to be determined by Charlotte Water staff):

  • For customers with existing utilities adjacent to their property, a new water and/or sewer service tap can be installed to their right-of-way (R/W)
  • For customers not falling within the above category, an extension may be requested. Each applicant may receive up to 1,000 linear feet of extension per the extension policy.
  • For customers not falling within either of the above categories may request a 50/50 extension. Under this scenario, the customer pays 50% of the project total cost, per the extension policy.

Do you need service at an existing water meter turned on in your name?

To request water to be turned on / off or transfer your account, call 311 or 704-336-7600 and ask for "water move in / move out or to transfer a water account."  311 staff can assist from 7:00 a.m. through 7:00 p.m. 

If you need a water meter or wastewater tap installed, do one of the following: 

Call 311 or 704-336-7600 (ask for "New Tap Request") or 704-432-2854, email, or visit Installation and Development Services at 5100 Brookshire Boulevard, Charlotte, NC 28216. Staff is available at the counter to the right of the lobby from 8 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.