Service Connections

Standards for Charlotte Water Private Water Design and Construction


1.01 Purpose
The purpose of this document is to set forth the scope of responsibility delegated by the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources (NCDENR) to and accepted by Charlotte Water for permitting the construction and/or Extension of Private Water Mains serving two or more structures.

1.02 Definitions (See Schematics 1 and 2 for visual clarity as noted)
Extension – Proposed Private Water Main 40-feet or more in length that connects onto an existing Charlotte Water or Private Water Main, providing service to two or more structures.

Fire System – Private water piping connected to a Charlotte Water, Water Main and dedicated for the fire protection of a project or parcel(s) of land. A Fire System can consist of facilities such as, but not limited to:

  1. Private fire hydrants
  2. Fire Department Connections
  3. Fire booster pumps. (See Schematics 1 and 2)

Private – Describes infrastructure owned and operated by private entities and public entities other than Charlotte Water, such as home owners associations, the Charlotte Housing Authority, owners of multi-structure developments (e.g. apartment complexes, business parks, trailer parks, etc.), property management companies, or other water providers such as Aqua Carolina or Utilities, Incorporated.

Charlotte Water – Describes infrastructure owned and operated by Charlotte Water.

Water Service Piping – Water pipe from the Water Service Connection onto the CHARLOTTE WATER or Private

Water Main to a point 5-foot outside of the structure. (See Schematics 1 and 2)

Water Supply System – The Water Service Piping, Water Distribution Pipes, and all the necessary connecting pipes, fittings, control valves and all appurtenances in or adjacent to the structure or premises. (See Schematics 1 and 2)

Water Main – A water supply pipe or system of pipes 2-inches in diameter or larger, installed and maintained by an entity responsible for water distribution. A Water Main can be owned and operated by Charlotte Water or by other Public or Private entities. (See Schematics 1 and 2)

Water Distribution Pipe – A pipe within the structure or on the premises that conveys water from the Water Service Piping or from the meter when the meter is at the structure, to the points of utilization. (See Schematics 1 and 2)

Water Service Connection – Point at which the Water Service Piping connects to a Charlotte Water or Private Water Main, providing service to a single structure. (See Schematics 1 and 2)

 schmatic#1schematic # 2 

1.03 Delegation of Authority
As of August 1, 2010 NCDENR delegated the authority and duty for permitting Extensions of Private Water Mains to Charlotte Water. Therefore any 2-inch or larger Private Water Main providing water service to more than one structure will require a permit through Charlotte Water. NCDENR is no longer issuing permits for these types of Water Mains if connected to Charlotte Water owned and maintained Water Mains.

Note that any Water Service Connection or Water Service Piping, regardless of size that provides service to a single structure and is not intended for further Extension or additional Water Service Connections, by definition is not considered an Extension and therefore does not require a permit through this process. However, the applicant is responsible for ensuring the project conforms to all appropriate local permitting authorities and requirements.

NCDENR will continue issuing permits for Water Main Extensions providing service to projects such as subdivisions or business parks receiving their water supply from a source other than Charlotte Water. Such sources include, but are not limited to well or surface water sources or another utility provider, including Utilities, Incorporated or Aqua Carolina. In addition, typical large diameter Water Main Extensions, treatment facilities and major public distribution system modifications, such as booster stations and storage tanks will require permits through NCDENR.


Section 2 Permitting Guidelines

2.01 Interpretation
The construction of Private Water Mains servicing more than one structure are hereby designated as an Extension and shall require a permit in accordance with applicable law, including these Standards, NCDENR rules and regulations.​

2.02 Project Classifications that Require Permitting
A Charlotte Water Private Water Permit is Required for projects such as, but not limited to:

  1. The Extension or replacement of Private Water Mains which provides water service to multiple structures.
  2.  Major Modifications to an existing Private Water Mains as determined by the Charlotte Water Engineer or his designee. Such modifications include but are not limited to change in pipe material, location and size of large portions of the Private Water Main.

2.03 Project Classifications that Do Not Require Permitting
Charlotte Water Private Water Permit is Not Required for projects such as, but not limited to:

  1. System Maintenance, whether routine or emergency, of existing Private Water Mains.

Such modifications include but are not limited to:

  1. Repairs to mains in their existing location
  2. Replacement of small portions of the Private Water Main in the same trench with same pipe size and comparable material
  3. Any Water Service Connection or Water Service Piping, regardless of size, providing service to a single structure. 

Section 3 Plan Approval

3.01 Approvals Necessary before Contracting or Constructing
No construction shall be undertaken, and no contract for construction, alteration, or installation shall be entered into unless Charlotte Water issues the authorization to construct letter. This authorization shall be issued following completion and submittal of the Water System Management Plan, where applicable, and Engineer’s Report as referenced in the NCDENR 15A NCAC 18C (NCDENR Rules) and approval of the engineering plans and specifications by Charlotte Water. Authorization to construct from Charlotte Water shall be valid for twenty-four months from the date of the letter. Authorization to construct may only be extended if the NCDENR Rules and site conditions have not changed. The authorization to construct and approval letter for engineering plans and specifications from Charlotte Water shall be posted at the primary entrance of the job site before construction begins.

3.02 Changes in Engineering Plans or Specifications after Approval (Revisions)
Deviations from the approved engineering plans and specifications or changes in site conditions affecting capacity, hydraulic conditions, operating units, the functioning of water treatment processes, the quality of water to be delivered, or any provisos stipulated in Charlotte Water’s original and subsequent letters of approval must be approved by Charlotte Water before any construction or installation. Revised engineering plans and specifications shall be submitted in time to permit the review and approval of such plans or specifications before any construction work affected by such deviations is begun. Injunctive relief under G.S. 130A-18, assessment of an administrative penalty under G.S. 130A-22(b), or revocation or suspension of engineering plan approval under G.S. 130A-23 may be sought for any violation of this provision.


Section 4 Plan Submittal Guidelines

4.01 Submittal Package Requirements
Professionals requesting a Charlotte Water Private Permit for Private Water Main projects shall forward their submittal package to attention:

Developer Funded Projects Section
Charlotte Water

5100 Brookshire Boulevard, Charlotte, North Carolina 28216.

The submittal package shall include the following items:

  1. (2) complete sets of engineering construction plans and (2) complete sets of detailed 
  2. Engineer’s Reports and all applicable specifications as prepared by a Professional
  3. Engineer licensed to practice in the state of North Carolina,
  4. Copy of Charlotte Water issued “Capacity Assurance Review/Flow Acceptance” letter,
  5. Applicable Fire Department fire flow analysis,
  6. Completed “Application for Private Water Systems or Public Water Main Extension Permit,”
  7. Applicable permit fee.

4.02 Engineering Construction Plans Requirements

  1. Plans shall consist of legible print, having black or blue lines on a white background,
  2. A vicinity map showing property boundaries in relation to existing and proposed streets.
  3. An overall site plan clearly indicating existing and proposed utilities at scales of 1”=100’ or less and where directed by the Charlotte Water Engineer,
  4. If the project is to be done in phases, include a master plan clearly indicating the phase(s) to be approved, 
  5. All plans shall be stamped and signed by a Professional Engineer with a valid North Carolina license. The Engineer’s contact information, including address and phone number, shall be on the plan,
  6. Plan view shall be of an acceptable scale in a multiple of 10, i.e. 1” = 40’, 1” = 50’,
  7. All utility crossings and separations shall meet the NCDENR minimum design requirements as referenced in the Charlotte Water Specifications or NCDENR Rules .0906.


Section 5 Water Design Requirements

5.01 Water Design Requirements
All water designs shall meet, at a minimum, the design requirements of the NCDENR Rules .0900, in addition to the criteria as set forth in the most recently approved version of the Charlotte Water, Water and Sewer Policies, Procedures, Standards and Specifications (Charlotte Water Specifications).


Section 6 General Requirements

6.01 Backflow Prevention Requirements
Although NCDENR requirements for Backflow Prevention shall be applied in these submittals, the plan approval for these types of projects shall NOT be considered to also serve as the required approval that must be obtained from the Charlotte Water Backflow Prevention Division. Charlotte Water’s Backflow Prevention requirements involve additional location restrictions and more detailed installation specs. To obtain the required separate approval contact the Charlotte Water Backflow Prevention Division at 704-336-2997 prior to beginning construction.


6.02 Private Fire System Requirements
Fire Systems shall be reviewed by the appropriate local permitting authority, including the Charlotte or Mecklenburg County Fire Marshall’s Office and the Charlotte Water, Water Treatment Division, in accordance with appropriate local, state, federal and international regulations. Protection of the Public water distribution system shall be assured by the administration of the Charlotte Water Backflow Prevention Program.


6.03 General Materials Specifications
The most current and applicable specifications as referenced in the Charlotte Water Specifications, the North Carolina Plumbing Code, the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the American Water Works Association (AWWA) and any other acceptable material specification as approved by the Charlotte Water Chief Engineer or his designee, shall apply in all cases where material is covered by an item in those specifications.


6.04 General Construction and Testing Specifications
Piping installation and testing shall conform to the most current and applicable procedures and specifications as referenced in the Charlotte Water Specifications, the NCDENR Rules .0900 and .1000, the North Carolina Plumbing Code or any other acceptable construction and testing specifications as approved by the Charlotte Water Chief Engineer or their designee.


Section 7 Certifications

The below certifications shall be forwarded to the following address: 

Program Manager, Developer Funded Projects Section
Charlotte Water
5100 Brookshire Boulevard
Charlotte, North Carolina 28216

7.01 Applicant
Upon completion of the construction or alteration of a Private Water Main requiring a Charlotte Water Private Permit, an applicant must submit an Applicant Certification in accordance with the NCDENR Rules .0303(c). This certification shall be provided on a form provided by Charlotte Water and shall be signed by a duly authorized representative of the applicant such as the following:

  1. For a corporation, limited liability company, home owner association or a non-profit organization: a president, vice president,
  2. For a partnership or sole proprietorship: by a general partner or the proprietor.


7.02 Engineer
An applicant must also submit a certification statement signed and sealed by a Professional Engineer registered in the state of North Carolina stating that construction was completed in accordance with approved plans and specifications in accordance with the NCDENR Rules 0303(a).

The Engineer’s Certification shall include an 8-½” x 14” or 11” x 17” copy of the approved engineering construction plans with the appropriate Water Main clearly highlighted indicating the portion(s) where construction and appropriate testing is considered complete and the main is ready to be placed into service under this certification.


Section 8 Final Approval

8.01 Final Approval
No construction, alteration or expansion of a Private Water Main requiring a Charlotte Water Private Permit as indicated above shall be placed into final service or made available for human consumption until the applicant has submitted both the engineer certification and applicant certification and has received Final Approval from Charlotte Water. Revisions may only be made in accordance with the requirements set forth in this document.