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Reporting NCOSH violations on subdivision worksites:

The sole responsibility of CLTWater subdivision inspectors conducting field inspections at construction sites is identifying defective work or substandard materials and informing the contractor of deficiencies in work and necessary corrective action.  During these field inspections, subdivision inspectors may recognize violations of North Carolina Occupational Safety and Health Standards based on their experience and limited training in excavation safety.  When subdivision inspectors recognize such hazards they will proceed in accordance with the following guidelines:

  1. When a CLTWater subdivision inspector recognizes a violation of North Carolina Occupational Safety and Health (NCOSH) standards, the contractor's job foreman of the worksite shall be notified of the violation by the subdivision inspector and shall be given reasonable opportunity to correct the violation.  The subdivision inspector will not provide information on how corrections should be made.  It is the responsibility of the contractor and his/her competent person to be knowledgeable of compliance standards and methods.
  2. If uncorrected (either immediately or with reasonable opportunity based on the serious nature of the violation), the subdivision inspector will notify his/her supervisor immediately by phone with a detailed explanation of the violation.  In the absence of the CLTWater donated projects manager, the CLTWater safety coordinator may be notified. 
  3. Upon receipt of notification from subdivision inspectors of an NCOSH standard violation on subdivision worksites, the donated projects manager shall provide written notification to the contractor and contract applicant by fax or other means of the violation along with the recommendation that the applicant notifies NCOSH of the uncorrected violation.  The applicant shall provide in writing the name and contact information for the individual designated to receive this notification and be responsible for taking action at the time the contract with CLTWater is signed and shall notify CLTWater in writing immediately of a change of contract.  The contract must be a direct, full-time employee of the applicant.
  4. The subdivision inspector shall note the NCOSH violation on his/her daily job report and complete the CLTWater Safety Violation Form #1.
  5. At the discretion of the CLTWater donated projects manager and/or the CLTWater safety coordinator, NCOSH may be notified of any violation and may be provided with copies of any written notice(s) of violation concerning the project.