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​Right-of-Way Map Requirements

​Installation and Development Services (IDS)

CLTWater Requirements for On-Site r/w, Off-Site r/w, and Easement maps.

1. ​All maps must be on 8 ½ x 14 with a standard CLTWater title block.

Title Block to include the following:

    1. Title as: Sanitary Sewer Right Of Way To Serve: Project Name; or Water Meter (or Main) Easement To Serve: Project name.
    2. Property of Current Property Owner.
    3. Job number, file number and scale.

2. Maps must contain the following information:

  1. Entire boundary of property where r/w is located.
  2. Deed Book and Page references.
  3. Tax Code number.
  4. Vicinity map.
  5. North Arrow and Basis.
  6. A detail where required for clarification.
  7. References of adjoining properties, i.e., Deed Book and Page numbers, Lot Numbers, Owners, Tax Code numbers.
  8. Bearing's and distances on centerline of sanitary r/w.
  9. Tie distances to overall parcel.
  10. R/W must be shaded and labeled as "#' CLTWater SS Easement or CLTWater SSE".
  11. Surveyor's Address must be on each individual right of way map to be recorded.
  12. Original recordable right of way map with original seal and signature of a North Carolina Professional Land Surveyor must be reviewed and stamped by one of the Mecklenburg County Review Officers prior to recordation. Mecklenburg County Review Officers are located at Charlotte Water and other City and County agencies.

3. Submit maps and easement agreements to CLTWater for review prior to obtaining signatures and recording. Once approved by CLTWater the documents can then be signed and recorded by the developer. 

4. Once the developer has obtained the necessary signatures and has had the documents recorded, he is to submit to CLTWater a copy of the recorded documents, one original r/w map, and 1 blueprint or copy of the r/w map.

​Original and blueprint or copy both must have an original seal and signature of a North Carolina professional land surveyor.​​