Service Connections

Private Water System Permitting​

The North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources (NCDENR) deems any 2-inch or larger private service line connections to the public water system servicing more than one structure as an extension of the public water distribution system, therefore requiring a permit. As of August 1, 2010, NCDENR transferred this authority and duty to Charlotte Water for these types of metered connections. Therefore any 2-inch or larger private water main providing water service to more than one structure will require a permit through Charlotte Water. NCDENR is no longer issuing permits for these types of water mains if connected to the Charlotte Water, water distribution system.

The assigned duties, responsibilities, and requirements of Charlotte Water as they relate to these systems are:

1. The Review and Approval of Water Distribution Plans, Applications, and associated Specifications, if necessary
2. Issuing Permits for the Approved Plans
3. Issuance of the "Authorization to Construct" notice for Approved and Permitted Plans
4. Collecting the Engineer and Owner Certifications
5. Issuing “Final Approval” notice for the project, which authorizes activation.

In order to ensure proper permitting and activation of these systems, Charlotte Water will place Certificate of Occupancy (CO) Holds on these types of projects. The CO Holds will be removed once Charlotte Water is in receipt of the Engineer and Owner Certifications and a Final Approval notice is issued.

Project submittal (including plans and specifications), construction, and testing shall adhere to standards and criteria adopted under the authority of the Standards for Charlotte Water Private Water Design and Construction and CHAPTER 130A-317 of the North Carolina General Statues. All project information shall be submitted to Charlotte Water in lieu of NCDENR. Please be aware that plan approval and permitting through the Charlotte Watersubmittal process does not address all applicable laws, rules, standards, criteria and other approvals and licenses that may be required by the local, state or federal government. Contact the Developer Funded Projects Section of Charlotte Water at 704-336-1000​ for an extension application and applicable permit fees.

Note that NCDENR will continue issuing permits for public water systems such as subdivisions or business parks receiving their water supply from a source other than Charlotte Water. Such sources of supply include, but are not limited to well or surface water or another utility provider, such as Utilities, Inc. or Aqua Carolina. In addition, typical large diameter water main extensions, treatment facilities and major public distribution system modifications, such as booster stations and storage tanks will require permits through NCDENR.