Service Connections

​Notice To Contractors And Developers​​​

The Charlotte Water (formerly Charlotte-Mecklenburg Utilities, CMUD) Donated Projects Section of IDS implemented the following changes as they relate to proposed connections to the existing publicly maintained water distribution and sewer collection systems. These changes are a result of water quality concerns, construction competence and completeness.

The CLTWater inspector must be present at the project site and witness the following construction activities as performed by the developer's North Carolina licensed utility contractor or associated responsible duly licensed subcontractor:

    1. Tapping activities (regardless of tap size) onto the existing public water distribution main(s).
      1. Work shall be planned and staged by the Contractor in such a manner that the proposed tap is completely assembled during the same day during normal working hours.
      2. Materials planned for use in the tap assembly shall be pre-inspected and approved by the CLTWater Inspector.
    2. Tie-in activities between the existing public water distribution main(s) and water main(s) constructed for the project at hand.
      1. When connections will discharge water into the excavation, the contractor will provide dewatering pumps, based on the discharge rate. Under no circumstances will water be allowed to re-enter the water main.
      2. A stable washed stone work area shall be provided in the excavation. 
    1. Connections to existing manholes in the existing public sanitary sewer collection system/main(s).Existing manholes shall be pre-inspected by the CLTWater Inspector and Contractor prior to scheduling the work. Adjustments and or construction methods shall be as directed or approved
      by the Inspector.
      1. Construction of these manholes shall be pre-scheduled between the Developer's Contractor and the CLTWater Inspector.
      2. All necessary materials are to be at the job site, inspected and approved by the CLTWater Inspector.
      3. Work shall be planned and staged by the Contractor in such a manner that the proposed manhole shall be stacked out, completely assembled and made watertight during the same day during normal working hours.

It is the contractor's responsibility to schedule these activities and CLTWater inspections prior to commencing the construction activities. Failure to pre-schedule the CLTWater inspector may delay your planned construction. Failure to provide access for CLTWater inspections will result in the contractor re-opening the construction for additional inspections as determined by the CLTWater engineer.

Note that requirements of these items will not be waived and the department will require complete adherence by all parties, unless specifically directed by the CLTWater Engineer.