Watch for Me NC Safety Program Launches

The pedestrian- and bicycle-focused program began this summer with advertisements in City literature promoting safer pedestrian, bicyclist and driver behaviors and officer training. The program now begins its second phase with strategic enforcement of laws, such as assuring that drivers yield to pedestrians in crosswalks, that pedestrians and bicyclists obey all traffic signs and signals, and bicyclists use lights when biking at night.

The program is intended to reduce crashes between pedestrians, bicyclists, and motor vehicles in North Carolina through greater awareness and enforcement of key safety laws. Through the autumn back-to-school season, area law enforcement agencies will be conducting enforcement programs at areas where motor vehicle-pedestrian or bicycle crashes are most prevalent. Law enforcement officers will be issuing warnings and citations to drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians who fail to follow state and local laws.

Safe Pedestrian and Cyclist Tips

    Tips for being a Safe Pedestrian​                 
  • Cross Safely When Exiting the Bus 
  • Walk Facing Traffic
  • Watch for Turning Cars
  • Pull the Plug and Pay Attention  
  • Be Careful in Parking Lots 
  • Be Bright at Night
   Tips for being a Safe Cyclist
  • Obey Traffic Signals & Signs
  • Look Before Entering Traffic & Changing Lanes
  • Ride with Traffic
  • Use Hand Signals
  • Wear a Helmet
  • Be Bright at Night

Watch for Me NC Videos

Watch for Me - Bike Safety

Watch for Me - Crosswalks

Watch for Me - Safe Pedestrian


Visit NCDOT's website at for more information.