​Transportation Action Plan (TAP)

What is the TAP?

The Transportation Action Plan (TAP) is Charlotte's multi-modal transportation plan. The plan considers the transportation challenges and opportunities facing Charlotte over the next 25 years, and establishes the overall vision, programs, projects, and funding necessary to keep Charlotte moving. The TAP was originally adopted in 2006, and is updated every five years.

When was the TAP last updated?

The TAP was last updated in 2016, and was re-adopted by Charlotte City Council in February 2017. The 2016 TAP update provides the framework to keep Charlotte's people and goods moving in the face of tremendous growth – Charlotte is projected to grow to a city of 1.2 million people by 2040!

To build, maintain, and operate a travel network with safe options for pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders and motorists in our rapidly growing City, the 2016 TAP update recommends investing $5.1 billion in our transportation network over the next 25 years.

To download the 2016 Transportation Action Plan please see Additional Resources.

How can I learn more about transportation in Charlotte?

While the TAP sets the City's overall transportation vision and policies, other City transportation planning efforts provide the details necessary to fulfill the multi-modal vision of the TAP.

The Urban Street Design Guidelines (USDG), adopted in 2007, is the implementation tool for the planning and design of Charlotte's streets. The USDG provides design guidance, from recommended block length spacing to sidewalk widths, to create context-sensitive complete streets.

Charlotte WALKS and Charlotte BIKES are the City's modal-specific plans. These plans reflect the overall vision of the TAP, but address the specific strategies necessary to create a walk- and bike-friendly City, respectively.

As the City of Charlotte continues to grow, it is important to offer more transportations options. Visit the Alternative Commutes page for information about Charlotte’s transit system and the bike and car share programs.