Shared Mobility Program

​A key element of the city's vision includes creating more transportation choices for our residents. One way the City of Charlotte is working to achieve that vision is through our Shared Mobility Program, which allows private operators to manage a fleet of electric scooters within the city.

E-Scooter Share FAQs

​A new electric scooter share model is emerging in cities across the country, including Austin and Washington DC. E-Scooter share allows users to rent an e-scooter from virtually anywhere through a smart-phone application, and park it when their ride ends.

E-Scooter Share in Charlotte

  1. ​Download the company’s app you are interested in renting from (available on iPhone and Android devices)

  2. Use the company’s app to find and unlock a e-sc​​ooter near you

  3. Park and relock your e-scooter when you finish your ride​

​To contact a customer service and/or local operations manager for Bird or Lime, please see the contact information below.

Please note, per CDOT permit requirements, any e-scooter that is reported for being parked incorrectly is required to be promptly re-parked in a correct manner or removed by the operator within two hours of receiving notice.


E-Scooter Share Ridership

View e-scooter ridership on the infograph here: ​​​E-Scooter Monthly Report

E-Scooter Rules & Safety

The E-Scooter Rules to Know Before You Go

Tania Jarquin:


Customer Service: 866.205.2442

Bird Scooters 

Bradford Johnson:


Customer Service: 888.546.3345

Lime Scooters