​Right of Way Hazards

Public safety is a primary concern within the City of Charlotte. One of CDOT's responsibilities is ensuring that the public street rights-of-way are free from hazards to vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Hazards include, but are not limited to, trailers, basketball goals, trees and bushes, signs, fences and walls.

For safety and liability reasons, CDOT requests that hazards from the city's right of way be removed within one week of notification of the adjacent property owner. If the hazard remains after that time, CDOT will remove it without further notice.

Any object on city right of way is restricted if it conflicts with pedestrian or vehicular movement, in accordance with City Code Sections 19-25 and 19-27. Right of way generally extends well beyond the edge of the pavement.

Contact the CharMeck311 by dialing 311 to report a hazard in the right of way. Also, you can report a right of way sight obstruction or sidewalk obstruction online.