Employer Tips for Providing Bicycle Parking

If you want to accommodate your bicycling customers or encourage your employees to bicycle to work, you may want to ensure that you provide secure parking for their bikes. This requires placing the right type of parking area in the right location.

Bicycle Racks and Lockers

Although still widely used, the old style of bike rack where only the front wheel is locked to low uprights is no longer recommended. These racks can damage the wheels if a bike is knocked over and provide little protection from theft.

A commonly used bike rack is the inverted "U" rack. This type of rack allows the frame of the bike and at least one wheel to be secured to the upright posts of the "U." These racks require minimal space and with two contact points offer more stability for parked bikes.

For long-term parking (all day or longer) bike lockers are a good choice. Lockers can usually accommodate two bikes with access at each end of the locker. The advantage of lockers over racks is protection from the elements and more security from theft.

Another possibility for long-term bike parking is covering an area in an open parking lot with racks beneath. Enclosing the covered parking with a fence adds an added element of security.

Parking Location

Wherever bicycle parking is located, it should be in an area that has high visibility to passing pedestrian traffic and/or the windows of nearby buildings. The more conspicuous the bike parking is, the less comfortable a bicycle thief will be.