​​Pedestrian Program – Community Investments

Charlotte’s Pedestrian Program is supported by Street Improvement Bonds that are a part of the city’s overall Community Investment Plan. Historically, those bonds have been approved by Charlotte voters every 2 years. The last Street Improvement Bonds were approved in 2018 and allocated $30 million/year to the Pedestrian Program.



Sidewalk Construction Projects<div class="ExternalClass2781C3294A034B67B6C58FB0255FFA82"><p>The Pedestrian Program has built over 95 miles of new sidewalk since 2002. City Council has adopted a policy with objective ranking criteria to guide sidewalk construction projects to the places that need them most.</p><p><a title="Sidewalk Installation Policy" href="/Transportation/Programs/Documents/SidewalkInstallationPolicy_CharlotteWALKSUpdate.pdf" target="_blank">Sidewalk Installation Policy</a> <span style="background-color:#ffffff;">–</span> City Council's adopted policy for prioritizing sidewalk construction projects</p><p><span style="background-color:#ffffff;"><a title="Sidewalk Program Infographic" href="/Transportation/Programs/Documents/Why%20Walkability%20Infographic.pdf" target="_blank">Sidewalk Program Infographic</a> – Click here to learn the basics about Charlotte's sidewalk program</span></p><p><a title="Request a new sidewalk" href="" target="_blank">Request a New Sidewalk</a> – Learn how to request a sidewalk in your neighborhood.<br></p></div>
Pedestrian Crossing and Safety Projects<div class="ExternalClassBCCFA8BF32154B6782CAD22FF24ABAF5"><p>​Pedestrian crossing and safety projects are necessary to help people walk across our streets. The City's goal is to complete at least 15 new pedestrian crossings each year. </p><p>Requests for Pedestrian Crossing and Safety Projects are evaluated by an interdisciplinary team of transportation professionals on one of two committees:</p><ul><li>The Pedestrian Crossing Committee </li><li>The Safety Committee </li></ul><p>Please contact us if you would like to submit a request for a new or improved pedestrian crossing. </p></div>
Accessibility Improvements and Minor Sidewalk Gaps<div class="ExternalClass018A02EE01694F259840D40B1D9B9A88"><p>​These projects use a slightly different design and construction process that allows responsiveness to small sidewalk requests and ADA (American's with Disabilities Act) issues.</p><ul><li>Accessibility Improvements are part of Charlotte's ongoing ADA Transition Plan. </li><li>Minor Gap projects fill small (typically 500 feet or less) gaps in the sidewalk network, as funding allows. </li></ul></div>
Special Projects<div class="ExternalClassA775B84312514532B53B34D571B81E0C"><p>The Pedestrian Program occasionally pursues special projects that install other important pedestrian improvements. Such as school zone improvements, trailheads/connections to greenways,  safe routes to schools, and cost-sharing collaborations with other CIP programs.</p></div>
Benefits of Sidewalks<div class="ExternalClass3D33ED85FEC9476DA4EA889509335FB2"><p>​From the Federal Highway Administration's Designing Sidewalks and Trails for Access </p><ul><li>Pedestrians have an easier time pushing shopping carts, luggage and other wheeled devices</li><li>All pedestrians are able to choose trail experiences that best suit their needs, skill level and desired experience </li><li>Parents are able to more easily push children in strollers on sidewalks and trails with accessible surfaces </li><li>Young children can use curb ramps when riding their bicycles </li><li>Children, parents and school systems benefit from sidewalk networks with visible pedestrian crossings and other safety features </li><li>Children learn independence by having a safer place to travel </li><li>A good system of sidewalks may allow older pedestrians who no longer drive to walk to services and socialize in their community, while offering a continued independent lifestyle</li><li>Businesses can load and unload goods more easily </li><li>Wide sidewalks can be gathering places in neighborhoods and business districts, and offer space for family and friends to walk and socialize together </li><li>Wide sidewalks in business communities offer an opportunity for trees, landscaping and other amenities that create an inviting place for customers to shop and do business </li><li>Well-maintained sidewalks and trails encourage exercise and provide the benefits of a healthy lifestyle </li></ul></div>

Pedestrian Program Coordinator

Angela Berry  - 704-363-4271

Sidewalk Program Coordinator

Erin Pratt​  - 704-336-1499