Shared Bus-Bike Lane Pilot

​Beginning October 7, 2019, the Charlotte Department of Transportation (CDOT) will operate a trial of a dedicated bus/bike lane on 4th Street. The dedicated lane will use the existing bicycle lane and the rightmost travel lane on E. 4th Street between S. McDowell Street and the Charlotte Transit Center to create a single combined bus/bike lane.

The Bus Lane Pilot will be restricted to Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS), school buses, scooter, and bicycle use only. All vehicles will make right turns from the rightmost (bus/bike) lane at intersections and driveways. Pavement markings will be modified at intersections and drivers should yield the right-of-way to vehicles traveling in the bus/bike lane when changing lanes to make a right turn. Parking will not be permitted on the east side of 4th Street while the bus/bike lane pilot is in effect. General vehicle traffic will be maintained in the neighboring lanes.

Controlled bus/bike lanes have been successful in many other cities across the country providing more transportation options, improving safety, and encouraging residents to make sustainable transportation choices.

Bus-Bike Lane in Philadelphia Photo Credit: Philadelphia Bicycle Coalition

About the Pilot

​During the pilot, we want to collect your feedback as well as data on a variety of performance measures. We will use this information to decide if this lane will become permanent.


  • Travel time, time savings, improvements
  • Observed feedback, transit rider satisfaction
  • Bicyclist safety and comfort
  • Effect on general traffic’s level of service
  • Neighborhood support and concerns

We encourage Charlotte residents, local business members, bus riders, cyclists, motorists and pedestrians who regularly travel this route to provide feedback on their experiences in our survey that will soon be available on this website.

While the pilot program is in effect, paint striping will be modified as necessary along 4th Street to define the bus/bike lane from the general-purpose travel lanes. In addition, notices will be distributed in the neighborhood and appropriate signage will be posted along the route. CDOT and CATS personnel will work to ensure safe travel along 4th Street for the duration of the pilot program.