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Utility companies provide services to the citizens of Charlotte on a daily basis. These services to homes and businesses include power, telephone, gas, water and sewer, television and internet services. The Utility Right of Way (ROW) Program helps ensure that citizens continue to receive quality service from these utility companies while protecting the public and the City's infrastructure.​

​Utility Right of Way Documents


Master Permit Application

Master Permit Application: The City of Charlotte gives the Utility the general right to own Utility Facilities with Rights of Way established pursuant to, Article XII of Chapter 19 of the Charlotte City Code.

Regulations and Requirements

Utility ROW Ordinance: The purpose of the utility ROW ordinance (Article XIII - Utility Right of Way Use) is to provide for the proper management of the public right-of-way and to provide for the regulation of the owners of public and private utility facilities located in the public rights-of-way.

Work Area Traffic Control Handbook (WATCH): WATCH is to be used in performing construction or maintenance work within the City owned street rights of way. All persons, or agencies doing work in public rights of way are responsible for coordinating the work with Traffic Control; and the City of Charlotte is authorized to stop any construction that has not been properly configured.  

ROW Work Permit Process

Standards and Provisions: These standards govern the installation, upgrade, relocation and maintenance of all utility facilities; providing reasonable parameters to the owners of utility facilities located on the public right of way.

ROW Work Permit Application: This required application provides guidance on how to properly complete a City ROW Work Permit. It details what information should be provided in each field, as well as how that information should be formatted when proposing utility facilities on the public right of way, effective 2019.

Plan Requirements for Submittal: This requried document provides guidance on what information should be provided on a standard plan set. Only complete drawings with sufficient and applicable information should be submitted.

Notification Criteria and Work Approval Requirements: CDOT requires notification prior to any work in the public right of way.

Certification Lists

Utility Contractor List (Master Permit Holders): This is a list of those currently enrolled as a Utility Right of Way Master Permit holder with the City of Charlotte.

Certification List

For more information regarding excavation certification requirements, registration for classes, and the Utility Cut Degradation Policy, visit the Street Maintenance page.

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