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​​​​Food Trucks

Historically, the Peddler's Ordinance has disallowed Food Trucks from operating the City's right of way within the Central Business District (CBD). To change this, CDOT has developed a policy that provides the opportunity for Food Trucks to set up in designated Food Truck Activity Zones.

For details on how to reserve a space for operation of a Food Truck, and to help you succeed as a Food Truck Vendor and comply with City Ordinances:

  1. Register: To begin the process, contact Charlotte Center City Partners. They will guide you in obtaining permits and other requirements.

  2. Obtain a Temporary Infrastructure Agreement: This required $150 permit, valid for one year, allows you to occupy space within the City's right-of-way.

Contact Charlotte Center City Partners for more information

Jamie Hundley
Phone: (704) 332-9594
Charlotte Center City Partners

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