Divisions & Contacts

​Public Service and Communications

The first contact for citizens calling the Charlotte Department of Transportation is with the Public Service and Communications Division. The division is made up of 11 employees working in four sections - Customer Service, Field Services, Special Programs and Communications and Graphics. The mission of the division is to ensure efficient mobility, a safe road environment and quality of life by educating to shape driver behavior, providing safety treatments and working collaboratively with others. The division is responsible for a number of programs and services:

  • ADA Coordination
  • Block Parties
  • City Council/City Manager Response Coordination
  • Community Engagement
  • Curb Lane Management Study
  • Decorative Sign Banner Applications
  • Internal and External Communications
  • Neighborhood Traffic Management (Traffic Calming)
  • Off Duty Police Officer Permitting
  • Park It
  • Right-of-Way Hazard Removal
  • School Zones
  • Speed Humps
  • Street Name Changes
  • Streetlights

Customer Service
The Customer Service Section is responsible for handling citizen inquiries, including logging, tracking and assisting in their resolution. If necessary, the Customer Service Section will assign the inquiry to a field investigator or to a traffic engineer. The Customer Service Section is also responsible for citizen reception.

Field Services  
The Field Services Section is responsible for making field investigations of citizen inquiries, coordinating citizen petition processes, coordinating engineering reviews and developing work orders to resolve inquiries. The section also administers the street lighting program.

Special Programs  
The Special Programs Section is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Park It program. Responsibilities include contract administration, budgeting and customer service for the City's on-street parking program.

Communications & Graphics

  • Executes and manages the department's day-to-day communication and marketing plan.
  • Develops a positive image of the department and each of its divisions, sections and programs with City Council, the public and business community.
  • Coordinates and promotes public involvement and community input for departmental programs and current and upcoming projects.
  • Prepares news releases for distribution to representatives of the media.
  • Designs brochures and other informative material for distribution to the public.
  • Provides day-to-day support to the department's website.


Public Service & Communications Division Manager
Kathy Dennis 704-336-7527     

Public Relations Manager
Tamara Blue 704-336-3894

Customer Relations Representative
Essence Dent-Bey 704-432-5177

Customer Relations Liaison
Kayla Losh​ 704-336-8325

Field Investigators - By Territory

Field Investigators Map

Jennifer K. House 704-336-3891

West (yellow on map) 

Angie Ivey 704-336-1472

North/ Northeast (pink on map)

Brandon Ray 704-336-6786 

South/ Southeast (green on map) 

Streetlight Coordinator​​​

Candace Inge 704-336-3932

Park It Program Manager

Allison Naftel 704-336-3922