Divisions & Contacts

Engineering and Operations

The Engineering and Operations Division designs, installs, operates and maintains traffic and pedestrian signals, road signs and pavement markings. The division is also responsible for vehicle and pedestrian safety. It focuses on design and operation for all users (motorists, transit riders, pedestrians and bicyclists) of the transportation system in order to create a balanced system that provides managed traffic flow and promotes a walkable and sustainable community.

The division is comprised of four sections:



Engineering & Operations Division Manager 

Charles Abel 704-336-3945

Engineering & Operations Assistant Division Manager

Bryan Tarlton 704-336-7085



Transportation Systems Manager

Nathan Conard 704-336-6708

Implementation Manager

Gus Jordi 704-336-7086

Traffic Safety Manager

Angela Berry 704-432-5259

Operations Manager

Ronnie Ashburner 704-353-1616