Divisions & Contacts

​Development Services

The Development Services Division works with developers and utility providers to accommodate growth and development while maintaining mobility. The division also works with event organizers to ensure safe and successful use of the public rights-of-way. The division consists of two sections:

Land Develop​ment

Responsible for the review of all development site plans for compliance with transportation requirements and to identify the transportation impacts of new development for mitigation by the developer. Visit the Permits / Land Development​ page for more information. 

  • Reviews rezoning petitions for transportation impacts.
  • Regulates driveway permitting through the building permitting process.
  • Reviews site plans for subdivisions (single-family and commercial) and multifamily developments.

Right of Way Management Section

This section facilitates the planning, coordination, approval and permitting of work within the rights-of-way​ of City maintained streets within the City of Charlotte. In addition, it is also responsible for assisting in the review/approval, coordination and implementation of parades/special events within the public right-of-way.

Right of Way

  • Coordinates the abandonment process.

  • Coordinates the encroachment agreement process.

  • Coordinates the leasing program.

  • Issues Right of Way Use Permits.

  • Manages the use of the public right of way by utility companies in a fair and efficient manner.

  • Treats the use of the public right of way as an asset management program.

  • Reduces congestion and improve safety through work zones using procedures in the WATCH.

  • Improves communication with all stakeholders.

  • Provides a central information source for mapping and permitting.

Special Events

  • Coordinates right-of-way use - less than 30 day program.

  • Coordinates transportation issues in the planning and facilitation of special events and parades, design and construction of roadway projects.

  • Coordinates with various City departments and the Special Events Committee to evaluate street closures and related safety, traffic control needs and impacts associated with parades and events.

  • Approves and coordinates the moving of houses, buildings or other oversized objects on Charlotte streets.

  • Represents CDOT in Emergency Management preparations.

Development Services Division Manager

Lakisha Hull 704-432-5492

Administrative Assistant

Terry Sigler 704-336-3925

Land Development Section Manager

Lakisha Hull 704-432-5492 

Right-of-Way Management Section Manager

David Smith 704-336-4626

Encroachments, Abandonment & Lease Coordinator 

​Casey Mashburn​ 704-336-8348

Special Events, Parades and Emergency Operations

Joe Yanicak 704- 336-5531

Right-of-Way Use Permits (less than 30 days)

Eric Weidemann 704-432-1562

Utility Right-of-Way Permitting

Linda Poissant 704-336-2562