The Charlotte Department of Transportation is responsible for over 750 signals (sometimes referred to as stop lights with red, green and yellow lights) as well as thousands of signs.  This also includes audible pedestrian signals and pedestrian count-down signals with the "walking man" and "hand" symbols.  Crews work year-round to install and maintain them. 

​The Charlotte Department of Transportation maintains traffic and pedestrian signals at over 715 intersections. If you notice a traffic or pedestrian signal that is damaged, burned out or not working properly contact the CharMeck call center by dialing 311.

311 call center ho​urs 

Monday through Friday, 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.
Closed on weekends and City-recognized holidays

*Please report all traffic and pedestrian signals that are burned out or not working discovered immediately by calling 311. 

If there is an unsafe condition in roadway, please call 911.

Citizens may request that the names of streets within the Charlotte City Limits be changed. A petition of 75% of the property owners on the street will be required for non-agency/departmental requests.

The petition form will be sent to the citizen making the request as soon as the recommended name is reviewed to make sure it is not a duplication or a prohibited name.

Request a Street Name Change Form

Guidelines for street names

  • Name plus two-letter type (Rd., St., Ln., etc) cannot exceed 21 letters
  • Name should include a roadway type
  • No directional prefixes or suffixes (N, S, E, W)
  • No duplication. For example, Parsons Dr., when there is already a Parsons Rd., is not permissible, but Parsons Hill Rd. would be acceptable.
  • Street names involving a full name of an individual are discouraged where the individual's last name only is an available name
  • A full continuous street name along the length of a street is encouraged. This discourages the Morehead-Queens- Providence situation.
  • Possibly offensive names are not permitted
  • No business names
  • No punctuation


 The City of Charlotte implemented a Decorative Sign (Banner) Ordinance in July 2011.  To display a decorative sign, please do the following: 

  1. Read the ordinance and guidelines

  2. Submit an application and hold harmless agreement to the Charlotte Department of Transportation. 

If interested in displaying a decorative sign in the Uptown area, Charlotte Center City Partners coordinates this effort. Apply here. 

Decorative Signposts on Residential Streets Guidelines and Installation Agreement

Decorative sign means a pictorial representation, including illustrations, words, numbers, or decorations; emblem; flag; banner; pennant, that promotes or celebrates the city, its neighborhoods, civic institutions, or public activities and events in the city.  Decorative signs may either be designed and displayed by the City directly or donated to the City on a permanent basis or for a limited period of time.

The Charlotte Department of Transportation installs approximately 12,000 road signs each year.
If you have noticed a road sign that is damaged, missing or where one might be needed submit the request online or contact the CharMeck Call Center at 311. An engineering services investigator will evaluate each request.

Please report all downed or missing stop signs discovered between 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. immediately by calling 311. After 5 p.m. please call 911 for emergency situations where danger is imminent.