​Sardis Road & Sardis Lane

A new traffic signal has been approved by the Charlotte Department of Transportation for installation at the intersection of Sardis Road and Sardis Lane.  The signal will be installed in conjunction with the reconstruction of the Charlotte Christian School driveway.  The signal will improve the pedestrian and bicycle crossings of Sardis Road and reduce peak hour delays on Sardis Lane.


Will there be left turn arrows? 

Yes, left turn phases will be installed for both directions of Sardis Road.

Will there be crosswalks and pedestrian signals? 

Yes, crosswalks and pedestrian signals will be installed for crossing Sardis Road and Sardis Lane.

Where is the money for the signal coming from? 

The signal installation will be funded by the Charlotte Christian School.

Will any additional road construction take place before the signal is installed? 

No roadway construction, however, the driveway to the Charlotte Christian School needs to be reconstructed.

When will the signal be operational? 

The installation of this signal is tied to the reconstruction of the driveway.  There is no set time frame.