​Old Sardis Road & Providence Road 

A new traffic signal has been approved by the North Carolina Department of Transportation for installation at the intersection of Old Sardis Road and Providence Road.  The signal will be directional cross-over which will provide left-turns for Providence Road but only right turns off of the side streets. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be left turn arrows? 

Yes, left turn phases will be installed for Providence Road.

Will there be crosswalks and pedestrian signals? 

Yes, crosswalks and pedestrian signals will be installed for crossing Providence and side roads.

Where is the money for the signal coming from? 

The signal is being jointly funded by two developers, Levine Properties and Raley Miller Properties.

Will any additional road construction take place before the signal is installed? 

Yes, the right-turn lane on southbound Providence Road at Fairview/Sardis will be extended through this intersection and a median island will be constructed on Providence Road.

When will the signal be operational? 

An exact date is difficult to determine due to the variables involved.  However, the plan is to have the signal operational by the time the development on the west side of Providence opens.