No Parking on Front Lawns

Charlotte City Council adopted an ordinance prohibiting vehicle parking on front lawns. The following questions and answers help explain the ordinance and how it will be enforced.

What does the ordinance prohibit?
This ordinance bans parking in front yards and in side yards of corner lots, except on improved driveways or parking pads.

Where does the ordinance apply?
The ordinance applies to single family detached, duplex, triplex and quadraplex dwelling units.

What is the purpose of the ordinance?
The ordinance supports the City's model vision of a clean and nuisance free environment for all Charlotte neighborhoods.

Are there exceptions to the ordinance?
Exceptions to the ordinance will apply when no parking is allowed on adjacent streets and the principal dwelling is less than 20 feet from the abutting street or the lot width is less than 25 feet. Additionally, special family event or social gatherings occurring no more than once a week will be exempted from the ordinance.

What is the background of the ordinance?
Residents shared concerns about the long-term impact of cars parked on front lawns in their communities during the November 2001 Neighborhood Summit and the 2002 Neighborhood Symposium.. These concerns were included in the City's vision for the development of model neighborhood standards. The desire for an ordinance was included as an indicator of model neighborhood status within the Model Neighborhood Standards at a Glance publication adopted by City Council in December 2002.

What is the effective date of the ordinance?
The ordinance becomes effective April 1, 2004.

What is the penalty for violating the ordinance?
The ordinance carries a $25 fine with possible vehicle towing. Fines will be imposed beginning May 1, 2004. Warning tickets will be issued during the month of April.

Who do I call to report a violation?
Violations should be reported to the City/County Customer Service Center at 704-336-7600. DO NOT report violations to 911.

What is the expected response time once violation is reported?
The response time is up to three (3) working days.