​Baucom Road & Mallard Creek Road

A new traffic signal has been approved by the North Carolina Department of Transportation for installation at the intersection of Baucom Road and Mallard Creek Road  The signal is being installed as part of NCDOT's Transportation Improvement Program's Graham Street extension/Mallard Creek widening project.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a left turn arrow? 

Yes.  Left turn phases will be installed for the northbound Mallard Creek Road left turn lane.

Will there be any crosswalks and pedestrian signals? 

Yes.  Crosswalks and pedestrian signals will be built crossing all three legs of the intersection. 

Where is the money for the signal coming from? 

The North Carolina Department of Transportation's Transportation Improvement Program.

Will any additional road construction take place before the signal is installed? 

Yes.  The Graham St. extension/Mallard Creek widening project will need to be complete before the signal in installed.

When will the signal be operational? 

This project has a current completion date of spring 2019.