Parking Citation Appeal Process

The Park It Onstreet Parking program has an administrative appeal process for individuals who believe their parking citation was issued in error. The appeals process was authorized by the Charlotte City Council.
The administrative appeal process includes three levels of appeal:

  1. Administrative Review
  2. Administrative Hearing
  3. Appeal through the Superior Court of Mecklenburg County

Printable appeal form
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As a matter of policy, the Park It program does not accept the following as grounds for appeal:

  • Lack of knowledge of the city's parking regulations.
  • Conflicts or tardiness going to or returning from appointments.
  • Inability to find a valid parking space.
  • Failure to have appropriate, sufficient amount of coins or alternate payment methods.

​Contact Park It for an appeal form:

Park It
333 E. Trade Street, Suite A
Charlotte, NC 28202
Fax: 704-375-5392