​25th Street & Davidson Street

A new traffic signal has been approved by the City of Charlotte Department of Transportation for installation at the intersection of 25th Street at Davidson Street.  The signal is being installed as part of the Community Investment Plan and the Northeast Corridor Infrastructure Improvement (NECI) Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will there be a left turn arrow? 


Will there be any crosswalks and pedestrian signals? 

Yes.  Crosswalks and pedestrian signals will be built, as well as bike lanes. 

Where is the money for the signal coming from? 

The City of Charlotte's Community Investment Plan will fund this signal installation.

Will any additional road construction take place before the signal is installed? 

Yes.  It will connect 25th Street over Upper Little Sugar Creek, requiring a bridge or culvert structure to be added. The conceptual cross-section includes two travel lanes, bike lanes, curb & gutter, sidewalk & planting strip and street trees, as well as on-street parking (from the bridge to North Brevard Street).  

When will the signal be operational? 

This project is currently in the design and real estate acquisition phase of development.  The signal will be installed at the completion of the roadway improvements.