Volunteer Monitoring ​

​Help us monitor the health of a local stream! There are approximately 3,000 miles of streams and 100,000 storm drains in Mecklenburg County. We have an extensive surface water quality monitoring program, but we need your help monitoring this vast network of streams and storm drains. Participating in the Volunteer Monitoring is easy… just go look at a stream!.
Introduction to Volunteer Monitoring Workshop
Volunteers will participate in an “Introduction to Volunteer Monitoring Workshop”. This workshop will introduce participants to surface water quality and how to visually identify pollution issues within our streams. Once volunteers have attended the training they can choose from a list of stream locations that need attention. Volunteers should provide monitoring data to us as soon as they collect it so we can quickly follow up on any issues found. Just fill out the Volunteer Monitoring Form.

Our next workshop will be held on Saturday, March 23, 9:00am-12:00pm at 2145 Suttle Avenue, Charlotte, NC. Email Ken Friday​ to register for this workshop.
Visit our VOLUNTEER EVENTS page for upcoming workshops.
Ken Friday 
Mecklenburg County Environmental Specialist