Surface Water Quality

​​​​Stormwater Pollution Hotspots​

Stormwater pollution hotspots are areas where illicit discharges and stormwater pollution are most likely to occur. Staff determine these hotspots by reviewing stream monitoring data and previous locations of pollution-related incidents and violations, and by locating highest density commercial business corridors where illicit discharges are more likely to occur. These corridors have more restaurants, car repair shops, gas stations and other commercial establishments than other areas. Staff also focus on the identification of hotspots in smaller streams (watersheds that drain less than 50 acres). This is because larger streams (watersheds larger than 50 acres) are surveyed once every five years during stream walks.

Investigation of Stormwater Pollution Hotspots includes more frequent facility inspections, monitoring of streams and stormwater outfalls, and surveying the area for signs of pollution such as staining on paved areas, puddles of discolored water, or poor outdoor storage practices.​​