Surface Water Quality

​Presentations, Fairs & Festivals, and Print Media​​


Each year, staff reaches hundreds of students and residents by providing FREE presentations and hands on activities. These presentations can be customized to your audience's interests as long as the topic is related to stormwater, water quality, volunteering, and flooding. The majority of our presentations are provided to school groups each year, but we also present to homeowner associations, commercial interest groups, and civic groups.

We offer presentations that include hands-on activities for schools. We can modify these presentations and activities to fit specific interests, curriculum, and/or school schedules.

Please see our educational offerings by grade level below:

Additional offerings include:

  • "Project Wet Workshops" are available for teachers who are looking to provide interactive water education to students. 
  • "Monitoring Water Quality" with Schools provides presentations, videos and resources for your students to learn about monitoring a stream's chemistry, habitat and/or biology. 
  • Custom surface water quality presentations are available upon request to civic groups. These presentations can be customized to address the topic most relevant to the audience. Common requests come from churches, Homeowner Associations, industry groups, and environmental groups. 
  • Charlotte-Mecklenburg Certified Site Inspector (CMCSI) classes provide presentations and a test covering the methods that must be used to control erosion on construction sites and prevent sedimentation of streams and lakes. While these classes target the construction industry they are open to the public. See CMCSI for more information. 

Fairs and Festivals

Print Media


Each spring, the "Floodplain Flash" newsletter is post mailed to approximately 5,000 residents who own property in, or adjacent to, a mapped and regulated floodplain. Newsletter topics cover changes in floodplain maps, updates on insurance, and safety tips for preparing and responding to flood events. See the Floodplain Fla​sh newsletter as an example of this annual communication.

Project Postcards

Capital Improvement Projects are implemented to reduce the risks of flooding and improve water quality. These projects commonly include Public Meetings and Public Notices that are used to notify residents about these projects and seek their input. Staff provides updates about these projects on our website and may also email or send postcards to residents to keep them informed. See an example of a 2015 McDowell Restoration Project postcard sent to residents around this project to notify them of progress.

Brochures and Utility Bill Inserts

Staff has developed a variety of brochures and utility bill inserts to distribute via water bills or at public events. See our Print Media Library to view our most current brochures and utility bill inserts.

Banners and Vehicle Wraps

Occasionally as part of media campaigns staff have produced very large banners that were hung from parking lot garages for a few months. They have also bought space on public buses and produced graphics for "bus wraps" to advertise events. They've also developed vehicle wraps that were placed on employee vehicles. See examples of banners and vehicle wraps.

Questions? Contact:

S​har​nelle G Currence

City of Charlotte, Public Information Specialist​ - Water Quality

Ashley Smith

Mecklenburg County Environmental Specialist III