Surface Water Quality

Pilot Stormwater Control Measures Program​​

The Pilot Stormwater Control Measures (SCM) Program monitors SCMs on public and private property to evaluate their ability and cost effectiveness for removing stormwater pollution. This helps staff determine which SCMs are best for managing stormwater within the City of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County under different conditions and which performance standards should be included in local Post Construction Stormwater Ordinances. The monitoring and analysis results also help advance the science of stormwater treatment.

SCMs are structures used to remove pollution from stormwater and/or reduce the risks of flooding. They can be made of natural materials such as plants and soil (i.e. rain gardens and grassy swales), hard structures (i.e. detention basins, catch basin inserts) or a combination (i.e. a sand filter with forebay). SCMs remove pollutants in a variety of ways and their performance may vary based on soil type, land use, climate, and specific application.

The Pilot SCM Program evaluates SCMs based on the following parameters:

  • Capital costs
  • Operation and maintenance requirements and costs
  • Pollutant removal efficiency
  • Stormwater quantity control capabilities

While most SCM evaluations are located on public property, SCMs on private property and proprietary SCMs are also considered on a case-by-case basis as governed by the following guidance documents:

The following provides a final report for the SCMs that have been evaluated:

Wet Ponds



Sand Filters

Dry Detention


Level Spreaders

Proprietary Hydrodynamic SCMs​

Proprietary Filter SCMs

Pilot Stormwater Control Measures Program Questions?

Steve Jadlocki

City of Charlotte Water Quality Administrator