Surface Water Quality

​Multi-Family Communities

​​Common sources of stormwater pollution that come from apartment, condominium, and other multi-family residential communities include: 

Blocked sewers that result in sewage overflows
Illegally drained swimming pools 
Poor landscaping practices
Car wash runoff 
Leaking waste dumpsters 
Pet waste left on the ground
Power washing and cleaning in parking lots 
Improper storage, handling or disposal of materials associated with painting and roof repair. 

Managers of multi-family residential communities can prevent these common sources of stormwater pollution by improving management of these activities and educating their residents about best practices. 

Best Manag​​ement Prac​tices for Managers of Apartment and Condos ​​

Private Sewer Systems

Sewer systems with an average daily flow of less than 200,000 gallons (this includes all multi-family communities) are automatically permitted by the state to operate, but there are a number of permit requirements that must be followed.