Surface Water Quality

Aquatic Pesticides and Stormwater Management Training Workshop

November 1, 2017

Thank you to all attendees!! 

Links to Presentations: 
Algae and Mosquito Control, Matthew Phillips 
Management of Stormwater BMPs, Heather Davis and Nick Finelli 
Pesticide Safety, Steve Hoyle​
Water Quality of Mecklenburg County, Kristen O’Reilly  


1. Where can I get more information about stormwater BMPs?  
We recommend attending NCSU Stormwater BMP Inspection and Maintenance Certification Class​. It is a two day class that will provide an a lot more detail than we were able to provide in our short workshop. 

2. What is the driving reason for moving away from requiring a PE for inspection of BMPs? 
It is thought that a current certification from NCSU for Stormwater BMP Inspection and Maintenance may be enough knowledge for someone to adequately inspect Stormwater BMPs.  This is what Huntersville has instituted and it seems to be working well. 

It would also save property owners costs and help them to comply with annual inspection requirements. 

If this change would occur, a PE or RA would still be needed if changes to the original design of the stormwater BMP were needed. 

3. How do clients find out about getting stormwater credits for paying us to maintain? 
If Stormwater credits are awarded to a property, it will mean a reduced stormwater bill for the property owner. It does not necessarily mean that this person will turn around and apply that savings to pay someone to maintain it. We hope they will! 

For more information about how to obtain stormwater credits in the City of Charlotte please see our City of Charlotte Storm Water Services Credit Application Instruction Manual.

Questions about a variety of different fee credits please see our Fee Credit webpage​.​

4. Fipronil - Can it be sprayed around creeks? Affect on ground water? How much to use? 
This is from Steve Hoyle: 

Short Answer: Read and Follow label directions.  Actual application rates will vary with product choice - from .5 lb to 87 lbs per acre. 

From one label  ---- Topchoice granular ---- Do not apply within 15 feet of bodies of fresh water: lakes, reservoirs, rivers, permanent streams, marshes, natural ponds, and commercial fish ponds. A 15 feet buffer of uniform groundcover must exist between application zon​e and bodies of freshwater (uniform ground cover is defined as land which supports vegetation of greater than 2 inches throughout).
• Apply this pesticide when the potential for drift to nearby bodies of water is minimal (wind speed is 10 mph or less and the wind is blowing away from the body of water).

From another label ----Maxforce FC Fire Ant Bait ------  This pesticide shall only be applied when the potential for drift to nearby bodies of water is minimal (that is wind speed is between 2-10 mph and wind is blowing away from the body of water).

As for ground water, I would think it would be a low risk of adverse effects.