​Local governing bodies adopt and maintain regulations to promote public health and safety, minimize public and private losses due to flood conditions, and protect surface waters and the natural function​s of floodplains. The State legislature authorizes local governments to adopt and enforce ordinances to address local needs and to ​meet federal and state requirements.​​

Some streams within Mecklenburg County flow directly into lakes that supply drinking water. By state law, Water Supply Watersheds are under additional zoning and development regulations.

Watershed Protection Administration


Critical Areas​ of Water Supply Watersheds and in the Goose Creek Watershed require additional erosion control measures to further protect the quality of drinking water or protect an endangered species.  

There are restrictions on tree removal, grading, clearing, and placement of permanent structures of any type including septic tanks in buffer zones within Water Supply Watersheds. For specific information contact Jordan Miller, City of Charlotte Senior Engineering Project Manager,, 704-432-5571.

Floodplain Development
Floodplain​ Regulations Technical Guidance Document 
Floodplain Per​mit Application Quick Guide

 Storm Water Management
Land Development Standards

Water Quality Buffers (stream and lake buffers)
Water Quality BMPs and IDDE
Post-Construction Storm Water Controls
Surface Water Improvement & Management (SWIM)

Sediment and Erosion Control
Lakes and water supply protection
Storm Water Fee Credit Policies