Torrence Creek - Mount Holly-Huntersville Rd to Reese Blvd

​Stream restoration and water quality improvements

From Mount Holly-Huntersville Road to Reese Blvd East

Construction underway October 2017

Objectives:​County will manage the design and construction of the stream improvements on the major and minor streams: approximately 4000 linear feet of Torrence​​ Creek and approximately 700 linear feet of an Unnamed Tributary. The project will prevent hundreds of tons of sediment annually from entering Mountain Island Lake, the primary drinking water supply for the citizens of Mecklenburg County.

Project Budget:​

  • Construction is $1.9M joint project with Town of Huntersville
  • CWMTF grant for a portion of construction.​
  • EPA 319 Grant for a portion of design and construction.

Construction Schedule:

Fall 2017 to Spring 2018


​​Project Team  

Project Manager:

Brian G. Sikes