Stream & Wetland Restoration Projects​​

​High quality streams need natural features to be healthy. These features include stable stream banks, wide buffers of woody vegetation, sinuosity, and unobstructed access to floodplains.

Stream & Wetland Restoration Projects improve water quality and aquatic life by reducing erosion and restoring habitat in streams, floodplains and wetlands. Some projects improve sinuosity to a stream, plant woody stream corridors, and give the stream access to the floodplain. Other projects incorporate green infrastructure practices, such as ponds or rain gardens, to reduce stormwater pollutants and manage stormwater flowing into streams. Some do both. For more information about the importance of Mecklenburg County’s stream restoration projects, check out these videos.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services works to improve and restore streams and wetlands throughout Charlotte and Mecklenburg County. City of Charlotte Storm Water Services has restored 20 miles of stream and improved or protected 42 acres of wetlands. Since 1998, Mecklenburg County Storm Water Services has restored 40 miles of stream and created 192 acres of open space.