Stewart Creek Phase II
Historic Stewart Creek Stream Enhancement
Stream restoration, water quality improvements and erosion control

Project is in the warranty phase.


Phase I - Completed January 2022

Objectives of Project:

  • Repair Eroding Stream Banks
  • Improve Water Quality
  • Improve Habitat
  • Reduce the amount of sediment in the water
  • *This project WILL NOT reduce flooding

The North Carolina Water and Land Fund (formerly known as the Clean Water Management Trust Fund) grant of $425,000 given in February for Phases I and II.

Estimated Cost: To Be Determined*

Stewart Creek restoration from Tuckaseegee Road to the state line.*includes all costs associated with this project such as planning and design, utility relocation, consultant fees, permits, construction, and landscaping.


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PlanningCOMPLETEDJanuary 2017
DesignCOMPLETEDJanuary 2019
PermittingCOMPLETEDJanuary 2019
Property Easement/AcquisitionCOMPLETEDJanuary 2019
ConstructionCOMPLETEDJuly 2022
WarrantyIN PROGRESSJuly 2023

​Project Team 

Stephanie Roberts-Bowman, PE

Project Manager


June 4, 2021 Stewart Creek Phase II Construction Update Letter.pdf
Stewart Creek Phase II Conceptual Plan.pdf
Stewart Creek Phase II Construction Sign.pdf
August 11, 2020 Stewart Creek Phase II Construction Start Letter.pdf
Checked Out To: Caplanides, MichelAugust 11, 2020 Stewart Creek Phase II Construction Start Letter.pdf
Checked Out To: Caplanides, Michel


Mecklenburg County has over three  thousand miles of creeks and tributaries,  
it also has one of the fastest growing populations  in the country with rapid growth and development  
more storm water runoff flows into our stream  creating erosion poor water quality and falling  
trees due to unstable stream banks. Stewart Creek  has been negatively impacted by excessive erosion  
and Charlotte Mecklenburg Storm Water Services  is working to stabilize improve and enhance the  
stream for the future project manager Stephanie  Roberts-Bowman explains more about the stream  
enhancement project. Now we're starting on phase  two which stretches from State Street down to  
Wilkinson Boulevard is that the stream has been  or the stream beds have been falling in along with  
trees and what we have found is that there's just  a lot of erosion which we're trying to reduce.  
While construction in the creek is  extreme and unsightly it will get better.  
I know that residents are very concerned about  these very large trees coming down and what we  
want them to know is that while right now it looks  really bad and a lot of the trees are have been  
removed they will be replanted and they will grow  at least to adult height within two to five years.  
From March through June this is  what you should expect to see  
you'll see. A lot of dirt moving around  you'll see a lot of trucks coming in and out  
and what they'll be doing is moving dirt  around in order to create this trapezoidal  
cross-section that we're trying to create. By  summer rock and log structures will be going in  
these features create oxygen and aeration to help  bugs fish and other wildlife return to the stream.  
Most large trees and shrubs will be  added during the fall planting season  
so initially in June you may just see temporary  vegetation so the larger trees won't be in  
a lot of the bushes won't be in but it'll just be  temporary seeding, so you may see small grasses  
and flowers pop up but that's just temporary and  the permanent vegetation will be coming later. In  
past projects we have seen all sorts of wildlife  bugs, fish, birds and others return to the area  
soon after construction is completed. 25 years  from now when we have wonderful functioning  
streams and our drinking water is much cleaner  we will be very appreciative of these projects  
so please just hang-in there with us we  try to contain our mess as much as we can  
and we will return the park and the greenway  and everything to how it was even better before  
so thank you all for your patience and for  your understanding we really appreciate it.