​S​tevens Creek

Project is in the warranty phase.


Storm Water Services is working with Park and Recreation, Charlotte Water, and the Local Community to deliver a stream restoration in combination with sewer extensions, and nature preserve in the Mint Hill and Goose Creek Watershed.  All agencies are working closely to combine work schedules, minimize construction time, and recognize cost savings from partnerships. 


The Stevens Creek Restoration project was completed in September 2019. The warranty phase began in November 2019 and will be completed in February 2021.  Planting will be complete in February and begin the plant warranty period.  


The Stevens Creek Stream Restoration Project is intended to improve and restore approximately 2.3 miles of Stevens Creek. Currently, Stevens Creek is severely eroded and getting worse as storm water flows continue to eat away at the stream banks. The project will stabilize the stream banks to reduce erosion and improve water quality in the creek. Restoring this section of the creek is the most cost-effective way to protect private property and improve water quality in Stevens Creek. 


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The Problem:

Our estimates indicate channel widening 3-8 inches per year on average…​

  • Approximately 675 Tons of channel sediment is lost per year
  • More than 60 dump truck loads per year
  • Eroded bank material clogs space between rock and gravel, smothering adolescent and mature macroinvertebrate (bug) habitat
  • No bugs = No fish
  • Bugs provide food source for the fish
  • Need riffles to oxygenate the water
  • Need pools to provide pockets of cooler water during the summer
  • Need habitat and shelter for adolescent fish to hide in as they grow
  • Mature trees eroded at root system falling into creek every storm occurrence

Project Team

David Woodie, PE

Project Manager