​Reedy Creek Stream Restoration


The Reedy Creek Stream Restoration is intended to improve water quality within the headwaters of the Reedy Creek watershed. There are approximately 25,000 feet of stream running through both private and public property in and around the project area. The streams in this area are in various conditions ranging from stable to badly eroding. There is potential to restore, enhance, and/or preserve the streams in the project area to improve or protect water quality. This project will also create, enhance, and protect forested riparian areas and aquatic habitat.

Wildlands Engineering, Inc. is the design-build engineering firm for this project.  
​North State Environmental, Inc. is the design-build contractor for this project.

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  • Stabilize eroded stream banks

  • Restore the floodplain to its natural state and function

  • Change the stream path to a more natural design

  • Improve habitat for aquatic life

  • Enhance water quality

  • Construct stormwater​ control measures (SCMs) to reduce pollution in Reedy Creek and its tributaries.


Proje​ct Team

William Harris, EI
Project Manager

Amy Bice, EI
Watershed Area Manager

Matthew Gustis, PE
Engineering Program Manager


Reedy Creek Site Map.pdfReedy Creek Site Map