​Myrt​le/Morehead Storm Drainage Improvement Project Phase 2

Project is in the construction phase.

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​Myrtle and Lexington Avenues intersection is anticipated to be complete and open to traffic by the end of May. View the February newsletter for more information.


​Controlled blasting to remove rock will continue on Myrtle Avenue through November 2020 and tunneling operations will progress toward Templeton Avenue through February 2021.  Tunneling and installation of 84” stormwater pipe on Lexington Avenue is anticipated to be complete in mid-November. For more information view the Myrtle/Morehead October 2020 newsletter.


The Myrtle Morehead Storm Drainage Improvement Project (Phase 1 completed July 2017 and Phase 2) will reduce street and structure flooding throughout the neighborhood. Located within a drainage area of approximately 230 acres, the project will replace aging infrastructure and provide adequate drainage system capacity.  This project includes partnering with Charlotte Water for sanitary sewer improvements in the area. 

The project area is bordered by South Boulevard to the north and west, Kenilworth Avenue to the south and Morehead Street to the east. Streets in Phase 2 include Lexington Avenue, Myrtle Avenue, Templeton Avenue, Euclid Avenue, Caldwell Street, Cleveland Avenue, Rennselaer Avenue, and Mt. Vernon Avenue.  The Construction contract is 3 years for the Phase 2 project area.

Estimated Cost: $41​,5​00,000*​

*includes all costs associated with this project such as planning and design, utility relocation, consultant fees, permits, construction, and landscaping.

The project team will manage the project through several phases. Specific work is conducted during each phase and public involvement is emphasized throughout the process. Learn more about project phases.


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PlanningCOMPLETEDMarch 2007
DesignCOMPLETEDJune 2018
PermittingCOMPLETEDJune 2018
Property Easement/AcquisitionCOMPLETEDJune 2018
BidCOMPLETEDDecember 2018
ConstructionIN PROGRESSSeptember 2022

Project Team ​

Michael Lopez

Construction Inspector

phone contect 910.986.3063

Philip Moxley​

Construction Supervisor

phone contect 704.595.9975

Chad Nussman

Senior Project Manager

phone contect 704.336.5676



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