Stream Restoration/Enhancement Project Phases

Stream Restoration/Enhancement Projects improve water quality of streams, lakes, ponds and wetlands throughout Mecklenburg County. Having a safe and healthy stream system is not only beneficial to today’s family but also essential to future generations.


The project team documents the stream system and the surrounding floodplain by collecting information such as survey data, stream and geomorphic data, and utility data. The information is used to create an accurate map of the project area to use in the design phase.


The project team uses data collected during the Planning Phase to develop a detailed design for the stream restoration project. The plans include stream alignment, utility relocations, in stream structures such as log vanes and riffles, cross sections and bank stabilization measures. All permits are secured during this phase.

Easement Acquisition

The project team works with property owners to acquire temporary or permanent easements. Easements allow Storm Water Services to access private property during construction and/or to provide future maintenance of the stream.


A competitive bidding process is held to select a qualified contractor to construct the project. By state law, the lowest responsive, responsible bidder is selected, and Mecklenburg County’s Board of County Commissioners is asked to award the contract.


Residents, business owners and other stakeholders in the project area are notified when construction is expected to begin and end. Once construction is underway, the main point of contact is Storm Water Services’ project manager.


Materials and workmanship are guaranteed by the contractor for one year after the project is accepted. Storm Water Services’ conducts 6- and 11- month inspections during the warranty period. Upon notification, the contractor will return to the site to make repairs at no additional cost. After the warranty phase is over, the project will transition to Long Term Maintenance which varies depending on the project, however, if any issues arise Storm Water Services will be responsible for repairs.