Little Sugar Creek Archdale to I-485​
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Mecklenburg County Park & Recreation is currently constructing a greenway trail along Little Sugar Creek from Tyvola Road to I-485. In an effort to reduce disturbances to the many neighborhoods and parks along Little Sugar Creek, as well as cost savings, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services (CMSWS) has partnered with the Greenway team and has begun restoring and enhancing the stream. Because the stream banks are eroding when Little Sugar Creek fills with stormwater, most of the trees located at the top of the bank are in decline and thousands of pounds of soil are washed away every year. This soil acts as a pollutant to our waterways and is responsible for destroying aquatic habitat and contaminating drinking water. Fallen trees clog pipes, damage bridges, and exacerbate flooding. 

This project will restore 15,522 feet of Little Sugar Creek. The stream restoration will prevent further soil and tree loss by reshaping the banks and planting thousands of trees and shrubs. A grant received from the North Carolina Clean Water Management Trust Fund will partially fund the construction of this project. The stream project from Archdale to I-485 is phase 11 of a larger initiative of restoring Little Sugar Creek from its headwaters to the state line.

Project Budget:
$7.5M for construction.
CWMTF Grant of $400K for construction.

Project Timeline:
Construction Completed March 2019
In Warranty until March 2020

Project Features:
Greenway and stream joint project.


​Projec​t Team 
Stream Restoration Project Manager:
Brian G. Sikes
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services

Greenway Planner:
Gwen Cook
Mecklenburg County Park and Recreation

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