​Bria​r Creek - Randolph​ Road to Meadowbrook Road


Stream Restoration and Water Quality Enhancement

This section of Briar Creek flows through residential neighborhoods near the Mint Museum and Eastover Park.  Because of pollution, the creek is on the State's list of impaired streams. After delays due to budget issues, this project is active again. 

Project is complete.  Project is in warranty.

This project will restore:

  • 4800 feet of Briar Creek and
  • more than 900 feet of a small tributary flowing into Briar Creek.

Stream restoration cost:
   $1.7 million

Source of funding: 
   Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water fees

Project Schedule:
   Warranty: August 2019- August 2020

Proje​ct Team
​Stream restoration project manager: 
Brian Sikes
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services

​Greenway project manager:
C. Brian Bennett
Mecklenburg County Asset and Facility Management


  • Improve water quality and aquatic habitat in Briar Creek and the small tributary at the Mint Museum
  • Reduce stream bank erosion by reshaping the banks and adding plants to stabilize the banks
  • Construct a greenway trail from Randolph to Meadowbrook Roads

This is a water quality and greenway project. The stream restoration is intended to improve the health and appearance of this section of Briar Creek. Restoring the stream will not prevent it from flooding. 

Within the project area, Storm Water Services bought and demolished four houses on Placid Place and the former Dore Academy on Providence Road. This was part of the Floodplain Buyout Program.

During construction, efforts are taken to minimize disruption to property owners.












​​Briar Creek - Randolph to Meadowbrook