​Chan​dworth Storm Drainage Improvement Project

Project is in the construction phase.

​Project Updates



The Sunnyvale/Chandworth Storm Drainage Improvement Project with a drainage area of 640 acres, was broken down into three smaller projects: Lilly Mill, Chandworth and Tattersall. 

The Chandworth Storm Drainage Improvement Project will replace failing infrastructure plus reduce street and structure flooding throughout the neighborhood. The project is located within a drainage area of approximately 200 acres. 

Estimated Cost: $11,100,000*

*includes all costs associated with this project such as planning and design, utility relocation, consultant fees, permits, construction, and landscaping.


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PlanningCOMPLETEDNovember 2013
DesignCOMPLETEDJune 2020
PermittingCOMPLETEDSeptember 2019
Property Easement/AcquisitionCOMPLETEDApril 2019
BidCOMPLETEDDecember 2020
ConstructionIN PROGRESSAnticipated Mid 2023

​Proje​ct Team

Edrina Maben-Collins

Chief Construction Inspector

Carl Schaefer, PE

Project Manager

Amy Bice, EI

Senior Project Manager



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