Bonwood Storm Drainage Improvement Project

Project is in the bid phase.

​Project Updates



​​This project involves an analysis of existing conditions to determine portions of the storm drainage system suitable for improvement, planning analysis of improvement alternatives and the design and construction of the needed improvements.

The Bonwood Storm Drainage Improvement Project is providing drainage improvements which include pipe system replacement and rehabilitation. These improvements will take place on Bonwood Drive, Chadsford Place, Canterbury Road, and Canterbury Hill Circle. The project is bordered by Stonebridge Lane to the north, Andover Road to the south, Sedgewood Circle to the east and Vernon Drive to the west. The project is within a drainage area of approximately 124 acres.

Estimated Cost: To Be Determined*

*includes all costs associated with this project such as planning and design, utility relocation, consultant fees, permits, construction, and landscaping.


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PlanningCOMPLETEDApril 2020
DesignCOMPLETEDJuly 2022
PermittingCOMPLETEDAugust 2022
Property Easement/AcquisitionCOMPLETEDApril 2022

Project Team

Carl Schaefer, PE

Project Manager

Amy Bice, EI

Senior Project Manager

Bob Jarzemsky, PE

Engineering Program Manager


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