Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services

Questions to ask you​r Pool /Hot Tub Contractor​

Where will the pool water be pumped before maintenance is done?

Chlorine Pools: Ensure contractors know that the ​chlorine level needs to be 0, and the pH between 6 and 9 before pumping the water to a storm drain, creek or lake! 

Salt Water Pools:Please ​​NEVER allow a contractor to pump salt water into a storm drain, creek or lake. It can hurt or kill aquatic life like frogs, fish and organisms they eat. ​ Call Charlotte Water at (704) 336-4407 and ask for Systems Protection to ask about pumping to the sanitary sewer. ​

How will the pool water be dechlorinated?

Chlorine will evaporate if the water sits for about a week. The warmer the weather, the quicker the chlorine evaporates, so it may not take 7 days. Dec​hlorination t​abs may also be used to dechlorinate. Whichever method is used, the contractor should use a test kit to ensure the chlorine level is 0, and the pH level is between 6 and 9 before pumping it into or towards a storm drain.

Where will wastewater from maintenance activities be disposed? 

A good contractor will haul their wastewater from pool maintenance activities to their business where they will dispose of liquids in the sanitary sewer or through an environmental contractor (depending on the liquid) and put remaining solid material in the trash. 

Where will the pool’s filter drain? 

Backwashing filters remove built up debris by reversing the flow of water through the filter. The water that is discharged with this debris should go to a landscaped area or directly to the sanitary sewer; not directly into a storm drain!​​​
Dirty pool maintenance water was dumped into a storm drain which led to this creek​.​
Dead fish from chlorine water pumped into the storm drain.​
​​Dumping or draining pollution into st​orm dr​ains, creeks, and lakes 
is prohibited by Pollution Control Ordinances. 

Violation can result in fines of up to $10,000 per day, per event. 
Property owners are responsible for their contractor’s violation. ​

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