​Flood Mitigation ​Progr​am Overview

Storm Water Services works to protect potential loss of life and property from flooding by monitoring, studying and reducing flood risk, while enhancing the natural and beneficial functions of the floodplain along FEMA-regulated streams throughout Mecklenburg County. To reduce future flood related losses, Storm Water Services' Flood Mitigation Program implements floodplain regulations and manages flood hazard mitigation.

Flood Hazard Mitigation

The Flood Mitigation Program is responsible for minimizing flood hazards in the FEMA regulated floodplain by reducing the likelihood of contact between people and floodwaters.

Activities include:

  • Developing and implementing long-term strategies for reducing flood risk. Long-term strategies prioritize funding and projects with the goal of protecting lives and reducing flood losses. The governments of Charlotte, the six Towns and Mecklenburg County have a document outlining a community vision to protect lives and the environment from all types of natural disasters, called the Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan.

  • Planning and constructing capital projects (including pursuing grant funding for projects)

  • Grant management

  • Encouraging owners of flood-prone property to retroFIT their homes with measures that mitigate against flooding

  • Maintaining the Flood Information & Notification System for emergency responders

  • Partnering to maintain a countywide stream and rain gage network (USGS)

  • Providing education about flood safety, insurance and flood risks

  • Building a Flood-Resilient Future

    • Managing the Floodplain Acquisition Program

    • Managing the Floodplain Mapping Program

    • Processing Letters of Map Change (LOMCs)

    • Administering Floodplain Development Permits

    • Supporting Flood Insurance needs and the Community Rating System (CRS)

    • Contributing to the Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan

Additional Information

Questions? Contact​:

Tim Trautman, PE, CFM

Engineering & Mitigation Program Manager