​Requests for Service

Our goal is to provide a storm drainage system that is safe, clean and cost-effective. We help property owners who are experiencing stormwater runoff problems from publicly-maintained streets. The City of Charlotte, the surrounding towns, and Mecklenburg County work in unison to manage their stormwater programs.

To report a stormwater drainage problem, call


Examples of requests that may qualify for service:

  • Failing stormwater infrastructure within the right-of-way of a publicly-maintained street or near a house, commercial building, driveway or publicly-maintained sidewalk.

  • Stormwater infrastructure includes pipes, storm drains and other structures that collect and move stormwater to our local streams. Visible holes or active soil settlement are typical indicators of infrastructure failure.

  • Flooding of publicly-maintained streets, living space, crawl space or basement, furnace, air conditioner, driveway, or the interior of an accessory structure such as a garage.

  • A significant blockage or sediment buildup in a pipe, drainage ditch or stream.

  • Erosion that is compromising (or may compromise) the structural integrity of a house, commercial building, publicly-maintained street or infrastructure within the right-of-way, or the structural integrity of an accessory structure such as a garage. Severe streambank erosion along a major stream.

Common requests that DO NOT qualify for service:

  • Stormwater problems that do not receive runoff from a publicly-maintained street

  • Yard flooding​

  • Flooding of sheds smaller than 150 square feet

  • Flooding in FEMA regulated floodplain

  • Wetlands or issues related to groundwater

  • Drainage conditions caused by grading or landscaping

  • Roof, gutter or downspout drainage problems

  • Standing water in a drainage ditch

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